Saturday, 8 March 2014

Print On Me

Hi guys! It's been long. I promised to do up a new post last month but I didn't have the time. Squeezed a bit of time to shoot this outfit, courtesy of Space Invasion. The kind people sent me this basic red top from Ellysage and my leggings from P.I.N.K. I am not used to wearing basic tops but this one fits me really well and it actually has a slit at the back... which I do not plan on showing. BUT!! I'll include the link below at the end of my post for easier viewing. 

To be honest, I do not have a lot of outwears so I have no choice but to throw on this studded cardigan of mine. Maybe you've seen this in almost all my posts but I just love it so much and it goes well with anything! Was deciding between my indigo or red hellbounds because they are my tallest shoes, and because I have dwarf legs and leggings doesn't really compliment them, of course I have to wear something to make me look taller right? :P Also decided to put on a spiked necklace to match the outfit (TOLD YOU I CAN'T STAND BASIC TOPS)

Shop My Look:

Bottoms: P.I.N.K c/o Space Invasion
Shoes: UNIF Hellbounds- Red Velvet
Necklace: EBay

*ps, will do a lipstick guide in my next outfit post, do look out for it!

Monday, 13 January 2014


Had a day with nothing to do so I dragged bf out to snap some pics for me. The cardigan was supposed to be my christmas present from him but I only got it a few days back soo...
Anyway it's the first time I'm actually happy with his pictures taken using my DSLR aaaand he did not ask me this "eh why so blur ah" LOL thank you auto focus!!!

I absolutely love the details of this cardigan and when I first saw it I thought it was kinda old looking and was afraid it wouldn't suit me but, it fits me surprisingly well so now I'M IN LOVE. Oh before I continue, I have a little rant. BTW, I don't understand why people are calling this a 'kimono' and be like 'oh you know kimonos are super in trend right now?!' You wanna know what's a kimono??? 

(pic creds to weheartit) 

Yes it's bell sleeved but for god's sake stop calling a chiffon cardigan a kimono wtf it's really getting on my nerves. 

Okay moving on... The prints on the cardi was pretty bold and colourful so I decided to tone down rest of my outfit. Decided to give my boots another chance because the previous time I wore it (in my post witching hour), it hurt me so bad and gave me 6 cuts on my leg. Aaaaand I regretted wearing it out ha ha. I thought that  my outfit looks rather plain so I put on a simple beaded necklace. Can you believe I bought it for around 5 bucks? Where can you find such a cheap deal? It can be worn as a bracelet too if you like. Anyway gonna do a shopping guide next week to show y'all where to get really really cheap clothes so stay tuned! 

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Outfit Inspirations

Hi guys! Neglected my blog for quite some time now but I'm back to posting. Didn't really have the time to shoot some of my outfits so I decided to make up for that with some outfit inspirations. Will include all outfit details and links (if any) to the items if you guys are interested! 

Outfit One: 

(Forever 21 Chain Necklace // Zero UV Heart Sunnies // White Floral Clutch // Zara Spag // Cloudy Lolita Shorts)

(Zero UV Sunnies // Laser Cut Clutch // Lace Bustier // Runwaydreamz Shorts)

(O-mighty Tank // Python Print Pom Pom Shorts // Zero UV Sunnies // JC Coltrane Dupes)

(O-mighty Beavis and Butthead Clutch // Zero UV Sunnies // Silver Buffaloes // I heart Internet Halter // Acid Barbie Cut-offs)

(2 way Pleated Top // Unif Red Velvet Hellbounds // Studded Jeans // Zero UV Sunnies // Jelly Satchel)

(Strawberry Fields Crop // Scallop Hem Skater // Glitter Heart Clutch // JC Lita Dupes)

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Shall shoot 1 or 2 of these outfits next week. Which outfit do you like the most and why?  Please let me know in the comments. xoxo