Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pizza The Action

I'm feeling healthy again. It's been days since I last went to school, I really gotta try harder to wake up in the morning and buck up on my studies. Totally screwed up my oral examinations especially the picture discussion but I'm never really good at explaining myself anyway. Anyway, I finally wore out this sweatshirt by UNIF which has pizza printed on it (my fav!). As my hair is now dip-dyed green, it's harder for me to style colourful outfits now so I toned- down everything by wearing a simple black skorts, nude buckle bag and a pair of black strappy heels. Wore out my favourite piece of accessory now, which is this pair of earrings from Trixy Star. It totally glows in the dark, which is super cute!! My camera couldn't capture this in the dark so I guess this has got to do. I'm working on a special tamagotchi post right now which is requested by a few of my friends. It should be up within 2 weeks..? In the meantime, 

Shop My Look: 

Rainbow Star Laurel Earrings: Shop Trixy
UNIF Pizzagram Sweatshirt: Karmaloop
Skorts: High Voltage
Shoes: Mango 


  1. Cute look... Those earrings are fab!

  2. Love your outfit, is perfect!

  3. Another gorgeous look! You look fab! You should become a model :)
    I am following you back!

  4. very cute look :)

  5. Hope you recovered completely now! And such a cute look and I like your hair <3

    And thank you for your nice comment on my blog - I checked immediately your blog with the result: I like it!

    I would like to follow you on gfc and/or bloglovin. It´ll be great if you come return to my blog to follow me – then I will follow you immediately back.

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  6. Woah girl you are stunning! Love your style!
    Glad to hear you feel better x

  7. Cute outfit - and I love your hair! Thank you for the lovely comment on our blog, I would love to follow each other! Have followed you via GFC, please follow back!xx

  8. Wow you look amazing! Love your piercings and your hair colour :)

    Love Aline

  9. Great outfit! Beautiful hair!

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    Have a great weekend!

  10. Wonderful outfit!
    P.s. thanks for your comment, I follow you :)

  11. Thank you for your comment on my blog! I would very much like to follow eachother on GFC. You have great style! ^_^

    Maria xx

  12. Super cool look!

    I was wondering if we could follow each other. It would be great, just let me know :)

    x Maria / Retro Street Station

  13. Thank you for following! I follow back now :)

  14. I am in love with your outfit <3


  15. lovely post! i am in-love with the whole look! Can't wait to see more of your future outfit post!

    Into The Blush, a Beauty Blog by Kenny.

  16. i love your hair! and your heels! and your piercing! <3 thank you for dropping by my blog..

    would love to follow each other :) followed on gfc now, follow back?

  17. I love your hair! They look so rebelish but it's cool!
    The look is really good!

  18. cute outfit, I like your bag, I follow you on gfc, follow back?

  19. Wow! You look amazing! I followed you via GFC and bloglovin, hope you will do the same <3

  20. Your look is so cool. Love it :)

  21. wow♥ cool outfit! and I just love your hair!:) I followed you on google+(petra lorietta)!

  22. I am in love with your hair! I need to dip dye mine when I feel brave enough! Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog - I am not following you on GFC :)

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  23. Thank you for the nice comment dear. I love this outfit so much and love your hair! Great blog and of course, I am following now. Will you follow me too? Would love it if you did! Have a lovely weekend dear! xx PIp
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  24. your hair look so amazing! great style honey!


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  26. nice hair!

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  27. your blog is so awesome i loved it and look really pretty just followed you hope you will do the same

  28. Very chic, love your shoes. :)

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  29. LOVE your hair!Amazing look!
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    Only a storm in a coffee cup

  30. this is such a cute outfit.
    the shirt is so cool.


    keyti of brushesandpens


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