Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fame Sex Power

Hello! I'm back with a new post. My shopping trip was ruined but I did have a good time at the movies. Finally watched Mortal Instruments: City of Bones. It was quite a good movie, but I actually expected more violence. Been sleeping real late these couple of days. Or should I say, early because I sleep around 5am every bloody day. Great, now I have a huge craving for korean bbq. Let's go to my outfit of the day.

My care package from FameSexPower and ShopJulien arrived on the same day which got me motivated to do a proper outfit shoot, so here I am. Yes, I did promise to change my location for my shoots but it was so humid I starting perspiring the minute I walked out of my room. And that's how I ended up back on the carpark rooftop. *excuses* 

As I was actually feeling cold in my room, I wore my topshop outwear while making up and just didn't bother to do an outfit change because believe it or not, I spent a whole hour trying to style the Beast tank and Misfit Choker. The tank from FSP was pretty long so I cut it (This is what I do to most of my T-shirts :x) When I tried on the tank with this pair of shorts, I felt like it looks like a bodysuit to me which is pretty cool. Don't ask me why. I just feel this way. 

Ps, chokers are like my favourite accessory right now so I really have to thank Shop Julien for sending me this amazing piece to style.

Shop My Look: 

Shades: ZeroUV
Misfit Chain Choker: Shop Julien
One Teaspoon Bandits: Nasty Gal
Outwear: Topshop
JC Shadow Stud: Solestruck


  1. beautiful look!
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  3. Hi! I'm in love with this look!
    It's so funky, and I'm also obsessed with your hair.
    those sunnies/shoes are killer.
    LOVELY blog!
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  6. those heels! <3 such a chic outfit too! you look good x

  7. Amazing look! Walking with those heels should be a risky sport! ;)
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  8. Wow, so cool!

  9. Good lawd, those shoes are amazing! Thanks for sharing! *u* And I definitely need me one of those shirts!

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  12. Awesome outfit.
    I want too see The Mortal Instruments :)

  13. Love these pictures. Your hair is so pretty and I love your purse!!



  14. Love the outfit!
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  15. love the outfit! the carpark is painted in a nice white that serves such a nice background for your shoots! haha.

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  17. Awesome outfit and hair! You look great! :)
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  18. Awesome!

    Christina Klein

  19. wow, great outfit, love the shorts and shirt!
    sunnies <3
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  20. Nice photos, amazing outfit :-)
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  22. Cute! you are absolutely adorable! Wow, those shoes are killer!! they look totally hot on you! I don't think I could ever pull them off, but it looks perfect with your outfit!
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    Sunny with a side of...

  23. hello darling, great style , great blog
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  25. Such a cool look!

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  28. i love how you are rocking that hair!! i would love to get this kind of color in my ends but just don't have the courage .

  29. Every single piece is amazing! But your hair is perfection!

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