Sunday, 22 September 2013

Haji Lane Shopping Guide

Hello! I've finally managed to do the Haji Lane post. In case you Singaporeans do not know of this place, it's opposite Golden Landmark @ Bugis and beside Arab Street. Haji Lane is one of my favourite places to shop at. Yes, the items sold there are vintage and pricey and of course, my goal is to show you the couple of shops that stand out (cheaper as compared to the other stores + trendy). I know this is supposed to be a post to shopping at Haji Lane but I couldn't help myself and spent almost half my budget on Dolly Wink cosmetics + an item from Lowry's Farm :x That, I'll save for later. Before you continue scrolling, I would like to state that, the shops I mentioned in this post is probably not the 'must visit's of Haji Lane. It's just a couple of my favourite stores to shop at with great prices. I really would love to cover the whole of Haji Lane but I forgot my camera and only had my 4s, battery dying fast. With that being said, let's go!

 Soon Lee
73 Haji Lane 

Step into the store and you'll be welcomed with Jazz music and a unique fragrance of the store. The items in this store are over my shopping budget in Singapore (I'm only willing to spend on Dollskill :x) but there's something about Soon Lee, you'll actually feel like spending money over here, it's like black magic!! The clothes found here are chic and contemporary and mostly suited for working ladies. Soon Lee also carries many other designer labels and some home display items. It's probably not the type of items you like, but this store is a MUST to visit.

68 Haji Lane

Modparade is one of my favourite stores to shop at in Singapore, offering quirky indie pieces, shoes and accessories on the first floor and trendy, edgy clothes on the second. Items here range from as low at $6 but could cost up to $100 (Shoes/Bags). The interior design of Modparade is so beautiful you'll wish you live here! This store doesn't allow photography inside the store but I did managed to snap a few. Oh! I forgot to mention there's a section of the shop selling guys clothes too. Those are more vintage-y but if you're into that kind of style, bring your boyfriends to this place! I personally love dressing up my boyfriend, he's like Ken :P I came here to get a betty boop sweater but it sold out the day before so I walked away with something else (stay till the last photo to find out what I bought) 

Marked Down Market

The name says it all. All items, markdown prices. It's located right beside Victoria Jomo Designer store which you definitely can't miss. Most of these items are at 40% off. With bags at $35. Find those pricey? NO. IT'S BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!! I got a top (photo at end of post) here for $20.60, after discount. It was $21.60 but I "liked' a page on facebook so I got a dollar off hehe. There are so many things here I want to buy but I was so afraid that I overspend so I only bought what I really needed. They didn't allow photography too but I said it's for my blog so they did let me snap a pic. Sweater rack. How amazing are the colours?!

 Jia Shop
41A Haji Lane

Oh god this shop is sooo hard to get to. It's on the second floor and the steps are ultra steep so it's hard for me to get both up and down in my buffaloes.  Anyway, this indie store is hidden really well so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for the signboard at the ground floor when shopping at Haji Lane.  The staff working there are really friendly. Again, I shamelessly asked if I could snap some photos around the store. She said yes, in split seconds and also help me checked the price of the items I'm interested in. Excellent customer service so I bought a clutch. See if you can guess which one ! *hint it's in one of these photos* 

Last but not least....

53A Haji Lane

A friend of mine said I should totally visit this store so I did! This is nothing like the other stores found along Haji Lane. They carry brands like HUF, High Hype, Mishka and Kvlture. So basically they offer streetwear from all over the world. Most of the items sold here are for guys but I guess to me, it's unisex. I mean, girls can wear oversized t-shirts right? HAHA The guy behind the counter didn't bother when I snapped pics so here you go! MUST VISIT, if you haven't already heard of this store. 

Website: This Is Alley

That marks the end of my Haji Lane post so now, let's get to the items I bought. 

I used the lashes because my previous lash band tore so here's a photo taken while on the cab.

(Yellow Checked Crop Top: $32 Modparade, Black Basic Top: $20.60 Marked Down Market, White Textured Clutch: $19 Jia Shop, Dolly Wink: $24.90 each, Baby Lips: $6.90, Cream Cardigan: $79.90  $44.90 Lowry's Farm)


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