Saturday, 2 November 2013

Got The Blues

One last week of exams and I'm so done! Still pretty upset that my last day of exam is on my birthday, 11 nov + I have to be in school by 7.45. But looking on the bright side, my exams end at 9am so there's still a lot of time for me to enjoy my birthday. *yay-ers* 

It's my grandma's birthday today so I did a bit of travelling with my family and conveniently shot my outfit while they were walking around. I don't usually wear dresses because they're always so short and doesn't fit me well but I like the floral details on this dress and also the puffy sleeves to hide my faaaaaat arms. And because my legs are not thin, I somehow look pregnant in this dress so I added a stretchy belt to show my waistline. Today is also the first time I brought out this heart clutch it looks so small but guess what I put in it?! (answer is: my keys, portable charger, tissue, M.A.C compact, lipbalm, phone cable and comb) I'm not even kidding. 

Shop My Look:

Dress: Dainty Bullets
Belt & JC Litas Knockoffs: Thrifted
Heart Clutch: Bangkok
Frilly Sock: Soul Esteen
Shoe Garters: My Etsy


  1. Your bag is amazing, so cute!

  2. The shoes are really cool, I wouldn't be able to tell they're knockoffs! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  3. The dress is so cute and I really like the way you styled it. Romantic yet edgy. :)

    new post, would love to hear your opinion

  4. i love your heart clutch!! its so pretty!!! I hope I can find something similar when I go bangkok like next feb.. haha. :) love your outfit. :)

    xoxo, Joei
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  5. OMG you're so cute, your dress is so pretty!!



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