Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice

Hi guys! I'm back. I've been having a really great Sunday until now even though I did not sleep the previous night so here's a outfit of the day. This was actually taken yesterday in the evening (because ain't nobody has time to shoot in the day.) Okay I have to admit I was lazing at home the whole day and experimenting with my naked palette. 

Anyway, this outfit is inspired by @lindsayvoitton on Instagram. Be sure to check her out if you're a girl who loves fashion because you definitely can get some ideas from her account. I bought the polka dot skirt from Bangkok and spent days stressing over what to wear it with because I only 1% of my clothes are this girly, until I dug out this bow bralet I got quite a few months back. Wore an oversized button-up over my bralet because I'm really insecure about my arms and to be honest the bralet was too revealing for me. Since my outfit was mostly black, I went with black Lita Spikes and pink studded earrings to match my pink skirt.  Some people might argue that my outfit looks nothing like the ones found on Lindsay's account but like I said, it's inspired. If I wore similar clothing as shown on her page, I guess that would be copying. I do try my best to be girly on days because I feel like it but there's this small part of me, insisting to go with studded/edgy accessories, which pretty much explains how I got this outfit idea apart from being inspired by Lindsay. 

More outfit posts will be up soon. Bye!

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  1. hello, i've just discovered your blog, and your outfits are so cool!
    xx from france!


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