Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Bangkok Trip Day 3 & 4

Bangkok Day 3: I overslept, just like the day before. I'm a failure I know. But I was really tired and I did woke up at least 1 hour earlier than the day before. Missed having breakfast at the hotel but I had brunch at this Japanese restaurant beside our hotel. 5th floor. I wanted to have the ala carte option in the restaurant but we ended up eating the bbq buffet. But because I went there for Takoyaki, I still ordered a plate of that. I didn't actually snap any other photos as I was famished and to the honest the food doesn't look as good as it tasted. And the tom yum soup wasn't spicy at all maybe they should name it soup with red food colouring or something ha-ha. The restaurant also offered miso soup and chicken soup if I'm not wrong. Overall, food is not bad except for the soup which wasn't really up to expectations. We ate so much + the takoyaki and the bill added up to only 35SGD or so.

Cabbed over to Erawan Shrine to pray after brunch. I'm not exactly interested in this but my mum insisted I go there to pray so I did. It was so humid but luckily there weren't as many people as compared to the previous time I went there. I don't actually have much to say about this place but I guess most of my readers already know and came to this place..? Platinum Mall after that and you guys can never guess the amount of things I bought there. And of course, thank god there's someone helping to carry all those stuff including 3 bags or else I'll be sprawled on the floor at level 2 or something. I'm weak, go ahead and judge me. 

 I was too tired to head out for dinner so we called up room service and the delivery took so long I nearly died. I had Carbonara and also mango with sticky rice. Food looks good but it just doesn't taste as nice. But it's served hot so I guess that makes up for something.

I was really pleased with myself on the 4th day here. Because I woke up at 6am and I thought that you guys should know this. I got ready really fast and went over to the hotel cafe for breakfast. I was expecting more out of the restaurant though. The food wasn't as good as I thought it would be. But since we've already paid for the breakfast there and skipped 2 days, I guess I should just shut my mouth and eat. Did an outfit shoot after breakfast which was a huge mistake as I was really bloated. Anyway, here's an overly excited photo of me after breakfast. 

Headed to Central World after breakfast as I didn't buy anything for my mum on my trip so I decided to get her a Naraya bag, which was more suited for her and it's for once, a bag that's chosen by me!! ps, I can't stand most of her bags so I got her a basic black bag with a huge ribbon. It's black, she can match it with every outfit, so there's no excuse, she doesn't need another. Oh god I feel like I sound like some overly attached daughter. Had a stroll over at Central World and let me tell ya, it's huge. Went into Topshop but was rather disappointed that nothing caught my eye. But I did take many pieces of clothes from Topman for my friend to try. It's okay if I can't get anything. As long as someone walks out of the shop with one of the paper bags *my logic* I guess the reason why I'm full of nonsense is because it's 2.57am now and I'm typing out this draft. I tried so many pieces at the pull&bear outlet but I left empty-handed because I was on a tight budget and I couldn't decide which one to buy. Cold Stone after window shopping could be one of the best things ever. Ordered Cheesecake Fantasy and Cookie Doughn't You Want Some. They have really cool names for their signature creations and I like that. Oh I'm craving for icecream now sigh.

Went over to the taxi stand planning to go Siam and when the guard managed to flag us a cab, he gave the funniest expression and went SIAM SIAM SIAM! I could have laughed to tears but I controlled myself. Ended up at some gadget mall opposite Siam Paragon instead and my friend wasn't exactly happy about it but he still went in with me. And that's where I got my Tamagotchi P's. It was around $81 converted to Singapore Dolllars which I thought was pretty expensive. But when I checked ebay, most were over $100. You thought I got it at a cheaper price didn't you. NO. I have a matching Swarovski strap. Both were a gift to me and I really really glad to own a newer version of Tamagotchi. But then again, I have to say it here, as a reminder to everyone but especially to this friend of mine, PLEASE STOP SPENDING MONEY ON UNNECESSARY STUFF.

I know this space wasn't updated for awhile but I'm working on something really exciting. More blog posts coming up with a special post about my Tamagotchi and some tips and cheats!

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