Sunday, 29 September 2013

Live Fast, Dye Young

Hello! Finally coughed out the money to get a ragged priest item so I picked this tie-dye sweatshirt from Dollskill. I'm a sucker for anything cropped with long sleeves. I love rainbows too so I definitely can't miss out on this gorgeous sweatshirt. It has slits everywhere and soooo comfy I can't even.. Plus this was the only "cropped" top which is waaaay above my belly. Most of the time, it just fits me like  normal shirt. In my opinion, it's only right to match tie-dye with black so I wore my favourite UNIF shorts. Possibly my favourite outfit of all time. Guess I'll be wearing this coordinate out really often. What do you guys think of this outfit? Would you wear it? :)

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  1. So cool and unique outfit!
    i follow you via gfc.

  2. cute Shorts

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  3. Beautiful hair and I love everything about this outfit

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  4. Love your sweatshirt!

  5. you look good in everything.
    i love the quality of your photos and
    this outfit is superb.

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  6. I would never wear this but it looks really cool on you! You totally have the style and attitide to oull off this sweater! Awesome shoes too!

  7. love your style! now following you on gfc xx

  8. thats really a fantastic look =D
    very cool trendy to the max!!
    and also stunning with that colorful ripped top..

  9. wow this look is amazing ! i love the sweater !!!!
    Maybe we follow each other ?!
    If yes, let me know if you follow me & i´ll follow back :)


  10. Love that top, you look amazing. :)

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  11. love the shoes!! have been wanting to try out cropped tops.. but my belly is getting fat and flabbier everyday so i am too shy to show. LOL. you look great in this outfit :)

    xoxo, Joei
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  12. amazing!

  13. Love the shoes!! I follow you! and I hope you follow me back:)

  14. Such a cool top!!! Love it! :)

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