Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Bad Online Shopping Experiences

Today's post is not my usual outfit post. It's just gonna be me ranting on and on. I'M RAGING SO BAD RIGHT NOW. I love online shopping but some shop owners are just soooo inefficient and customer service sucks so much I can't even.. 

You're probably thinking, come on, you chose to shop online, you gotta bear the consequences. Now you're wondering, what could be worse than having your packages lost in the mail or the merchant taking their own sweet time shipping out items. Let me tell you what's worse, scamming. You pay for your items, the store owner stops contacting you, you never got your items and your money, gone with the wind. I seriously wonder why would people be so mean to do it. I mean like, you need money? You earn it. Simple. 

Like I said, I love to shop online. Sitting on your comfy chair, just browsing through pages of stuff, buying them off the site using a couple of unique numbers and there, all you have to do is wait. I've never really shopped outside because online shopping is so convenient, especially for someone like me who can't even be bothered to move. But of course, there are risks you'll have to take. I mostly shop at Dollskill, Solestruck and NastyGal because by far, their customer service is on point (you get a reply within 12 hours) + they usually ship out your items the very next day.

Now, cut the crap and let me get to my most recent purchase, RUNWAYDREAMZ. Damn right you read it right. Why am I complaining? Read on. 

As you guys know, RWDZ was having a sale on site and the shorts wasn't as pricey as before so I decided to purchase 2 pairs of shorts. That cost me around $200 including shipping. However, I accidentally did a double transaction (meaning I purchased the shorts twice) so I emailed them if they could cancel one of my transactions because apparently my local bank refuses to block the cash from going in. RWDZ replied me within 12 hours (kinda good service you might think but read on) saying that their sales are final but they are willing to change my shorts to another design. Moneysuckers much if you asked me but okay, I'll do the exchange. So I sent another email asking a few questions which they did not reply to, even after 48 hours so I sent them yet another one simply stating the pairs of shorts I would like to change to. Guess what? Apparently they ignored my mail and just shipped out my shorts WHAT THE FUCK. So I paid 400SGD and this is the kind of customer service I receive? Yes, they might get a lot of mails but shouldn't they be more efficient at least browsing through the emails every 24hours instead of 72?! Seriously $400 isn't a small amount for me and I'm thinking of all the UNIF stuff I could have bought with the money but I guess this is a lesson learnt..? Damn I'm so pissed right now I need something to calm myself down. 

Ps, I'm not saying you shouldn't buy from them because I am aware that their shorts are amazing but I personally find that their customer service isn't as good as the stuff they sell. Just a piece of my mind. 


  1. Eeeks! So sorry about that! I have had my share of bad online experiences and understand when you say that you deserve better customer service for the money you shell out! Hope you have calmed down by now.

    Have a great day. Hop over to my blog when you have time.

    That Sassy Girl
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  2. Hello dear,
    would you like to follow each other's blogs on facebook and bloglovin? Btw, love your blog's design, so chic!

    Best wishes,

  3. Omg!!! That so sucks!!! Good that you have written a review about this silly store. How on earth would they do such a thing. It's so obvious they are money suckers. I hope so many people have the time to sit down and read your review, This store needs to be reported. As a customer or a consumer you got right to exchange or refund, It's a law. You can sue them you know? This is why i pay through Paypal should in case this silly stores pulls out a ''SHITTY GAME'' I know how you feel right now, Aww.. that most be very painful. We should keep in touch. Mind following one another? I will sure follow back.

  4. That is horrible! I would be very mad as that is money and any cent counts in today's times! Thanks for letting us know. Excellent customer service is very important to me and when I don't receive it and receive timely emails, I start to get very mad!

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  5. omg that's bad >.< that's alot of money. Maybe post this article in their fb so they will notice you? I hope you get your money back >.<

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  6. omg, I totally know how you feel!!!! I had a TERRIBLE and really upsetting situation with Ebay some time ago and this really makes you mad! sorry for you!! :) xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  7. Sorry for you. I bought many products from The Online Mega Store in Pakistan and enjoy the online shopping :)

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