Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Dishonest Bloggers

(This post has been re-edited, thus, a new story) Hi guys! I'm really sorry for the lack of outfit posts as a major exam is coming up and my last paper ends on my birthday so that's pretty shitty. Although I do not have time to shoot an outfit, I do have time to lie on my bed to type out an entertainment post for my readers. I'm quite sure my *a-hem* is coming so I guess that explains my very bad mood this couple of days. I'm going to talk about a very dumb matter. Faking BLOG STATS.

Here's the story, as you guys know, I own an online store on the platform Storenvy and is currently looking for bloggers to sponsor. So this girl, Jaylie (I decided to include all messages without censor because well, she totally deserved it unlike the previous blogger I talked about- has already been removed) emailed me. Here's the screenshot of what we talked about. 

(Read from bottom to up)

Now you must be wondering, 300 views is not a lot right? But I was thinking at least she's honest about it. I'm was hoping to work with her so I checked out her blog and my face went from this 

to  this 

now you're probably wondering why the change. Because, her blog is horrible. I'm not trying to brag but I think my blog is better than hers. Skeptical about her stats, I asked her to send me a screenshot of her stats which she promptly replied to with this 

WTF IS THIS SHIT. *FLIPS TABLE* And I thought you said '300' daily views? This is not even 300 my dear. Plus it's not even a full screenshot. So I asked her nicely for a full screenshot and she sent me this. 

I'm sorry about the image quality but notice anything WEEEEEIRD? Go on, look carefully, I'll give you a minute. 

Her stats are obviously fake. At this rate she's getting, it's almost 2k page views or somewhere there.Of couse, I'm not willing to sponsor a lying bitch but then again, I'm nice so I asked again for a clearer screenshot. So what did she say? Her phone was jailbroken and her safari has problems. O-K-C-A-N My phone is jailbroken too but it's doesn't seem to have any problems at all fucking liar. If you're so keen to get free stuff, why not send me stats right away? Oh right I just remembered that your stats are FAKE. L to the O to the S to the E to the R. 

Now, I'm not a pushover and I hate it when someone lies to me,even though I do not know them. This is just a reminder to every blogger out there, please do not lie. If you're good, people will definitely notice you. Jaylie, your blog is shit and I hope more blog shops see through your lies.

*Update: All blogshop owners, please take note of this girl and really, choose who to sponsor carefully or else end of the day you'll be wondering why you spent so much on a blogger but there's still no sales. Not enough for you yet? Read my friend's blog here on Bad Bloggers.



  1. Thanks for your comment today dear! Hope you have a good weekend and I will have to check out your store now.

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  2. I hate then people lie to met too. It's horrible!!! thanks for your comment ;))

    Have a great week!
    the white ocean

  3. Seems like some people needs a reality check. I hope you don't encounter these people again.


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