Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Ben C Photography

Hi guys! It's been long. I'm back from Bangkok so here I am. Met up with Peiyi and Irene at Punggol last week for their shoot with one of my close friends, Benedict (Instagram @Benc-photography) While waiting for them to change, I had a few shots taken by him. These are my favourites! I also met with Ryan on the same day so 1 more post coming up. Kinda regret not bringing extra clothes to change so you'll have to bear with 2 posts of me wearing the same thing sorry :(

This outfit was just grabbed from my closet without me actually trying in on as I was in a rush. I'm glad they don't look mismatched (or do they....) Anyway, I have been looking for this daisy romper for ages and most blogshops sells this between $20-$25 but then I found this at Scape (Shop name Posh, level 2) for just 16 bucks. They have lots more designs too so do go check it out! 

**All shots are taken and edited by Ben C Photography. If you're interested to shoot with him, do send him an email or through his Facebook page for rates!**


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