Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Worst Birthday Ever

I know I'm supposed to keep this space strictly about fashion but there's something I really need to rant about. My worst birthday 'celebration' ever. Mobile blogging right now with my shitty phone so forgive me if I have any typos (I type really really fast) 

Before I complain about what happened, there's something you guys should know. I hate people. Like seriously, I don't like mixing around with others I mean sure I might talk to new people but it'll be kept to the minimum, just to ensure I'm not those stuck up bitch. 

Okay so here goes. My birthday was yesterday, so my bf invited his friends to hang out with us. I know, it's sweet to have your bf to invite his friends to help you celebrate but apparently, out of the 6 he invited, i have NEVER TALKED TO AT LEAST 3 of them I'm not even kidding. And 1 hour before the meet up, we're still discussing where to eat at like seriously it's not as if I mind where we're heading to because I'm cabbing over anyway. 

After we're done with lunch or whatever, was deciding between shisha and movie. Like I'm only 17 so of course I opted for the movie but then, the other 6 note, including my bf, wanted shisha so okay. Whatever. 

I slept for like 4 hours or so and woke at around 5 to prepare for my exam so you can imagine how tired I was in the evening. And plus we walked to Bugis + from Haji Lane (sorry i can't complain about this it's either we walk, or take the bus for a stop which is pretty stupid), when we FINALLY got there, my bf decided to leave me alone with the rest, now I only know one of the girls. Is this even my fucking birthday? 

By then I was perspiring, exhausted and fed up and I was standing, in heels. I texted my bf telling him that I really want to go home and he didn't reply me, for me, it's like, silence means consent so I called a cab. They did try to stop me and Jeslyn told me that he went to get a cake like seriously which guy would make a girl go through all the bullshit for the whole damn day and in the end hoping a cake would make her feel better what the hell right. So yeah, I cabbed home without cutting or even taking a look at the cake  plus one of his friends even said I have attitude problem. I really don't see how any of this reflects on my attitude, am I supposed to continue standing there like some servant and wait for him without telling me anything? 

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  1. oh, so sad! he owe you an explanation.
    anyway, belated happy birthday girl :)

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