Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Eve


Feeling really really pissed right now because I was half done with my post and google chrome just crashed on me. Have to start the post all over again sigh. Here's what I did on my Christmas Eve. Caught The Hobbit over at Cineleisure's Platinum Movie Suites. It was my first time there and when I entered the Hall, I understood why a ticket costs almost $40. There was dividers behind each seat which was a pretty good installation because you can't see anyone infront or behind of you so there's no one blocking your view and also the viewers at the back cannot sneak a peek at what you're doing with your phone in the movies :x Anyway, the movies was so draggy I almost gave up halfway. The Twilight Saga had 4 books which was made into 4 movies while the Hobbit has only 1 book which was made into 2 movies, with the third and most possibly fourth part to come.

Had a huge craving for Caramel Popcorn but it was sold out so I had the Whipped Potato with Sausages and Strawberry Soda while D had the platter and a cup of ice chocolate. Both tasted pretty good and the price was quite affordable in my opinion. Food pix were taken under the dim light on the table during the movie and I am pretty proud of how the pictures came out *self praises*

Met with Ivan and his girlfriend after the show and walked around while deciding where to eat at. Was pretty tempted to eat at a steamboat restaurant at Triple One but all of us weren't hungry so we settled for Hot Tomato at 313 Somerset.

I read the reviews of the restaurant a few months back and had a pretty high expectation of the place. Ordered the Rib-eye which was accompanied by a small serving of pasta. Don't be fooled by the appetising looking food, I ordered medium well because I wanted the meat to be juicy and easy to cut and also without the blood at the same time but this piece of meat, I was literally trying to saw through it. The outer was stiff and hard and the inside is actually slightly bloody. All in all, the meat was inconsistent and disgusting. The pasta was pretty ok though. But the sauce was really weak. The soup was served AFTER we were done eating because they forgot about it. Seriously, do not eat here just because the queue is always very long. You do not want to pay that amount of money for food like this.

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