Sunday, 22 December 2013

Typical Day In My Life

Been using up all my time and energy on my new webstore over at and also trying to complete customers' orders for garters as fast as I can. Talk about good service hehe. You wanna know what I usually do in a day, you got it. Note that, there's at least 1 day in a week that I actually do all of this stuff (getting orders done, watch a movie, eat at a cafe/restaurant, etcetc), it's like a weekly ritual LOL. 

So I'll be up early in the morning and check to see if there are any garter orders to be completed. If there are, I'll wash up and get straight to work. Once I'm done with the orders, I will start designing some new harness to be listed on my etsy. At least one design every week but I do not list ALL of them. Only some that I really like, for example the heart ring garter at the top of this post. Been getting quite a few custom requests for this so I might as well get it up.

*Update* Ps, sorry for lack of photos.

Wanted to eat at 18 Chefs for late lunch but I was late so we ended up catching 47 Ronin instead. I'm a movie junkie and honestly, when I read all the good reviews about the movie, I was expecting much more. The movie was so draggy and sad, guess it's just not the type of movies I'm into. Oh and also, I was pretty pissed with 18chefs because I tried to called them over TWENTY TIMES to make a reservation and it's just "user busy" "user busy" all the way argh.

Ended up at Clarke Quay and we were both famished. I had a huge craving for western/italian food and the first restaurant we saw, the prices was "horrible", $42 for rib-eye. Yeah I THOUGHT it was expensive but as we went down the row, the price for the same dish went up to $68 I almost cried. Was on the brink of giving up and just head to burger king but decided to give AquaNova a try. A plate of Rib-eye (Medium Well) with the yummiest mashed potato cost $38 and the service was pretty good too, food was served in less than 15minutes and was piping hot.  I had the Stuffed Chicken Roulade and it was equally good but they did not include the asparagus as said on the menu

In conclusion, Aquanova is a really good place to chill with friends on weekends. Prices are cheaper compared to other bars at Clarke Quay and they provide really good service. Plus, Kumar will be there on Christmas at 7.30 so you can expect me there again :P

Merry Christmas in advance!!

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