Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Bangkok Day 4 Outfit Post

I looked real bad in Bangkok for the past few days. My face was oily, my hair was oily and my fringe is too damn long. Guess I have to work on my appearance more. Anyway, this is gonna be a sneak of my Bangkok post. I wore this outfit on my last day over there. It was so humid and I was glad I managed to find a crop tee at Platinum mall at only $7 or so. I guess I could have got it at a even lower price if I bought more stuff from the shop. Tip: Always ask for original price first, followed by wholesale price and then business price. Never go straight to wholesale. 

Want more tips from me? Stay tuned and read my next 2 posts. *smiles*

Back to my outfit. I really like this crop tee because it's like a baseball jersey and cropped so I can show off my candy shorts. Plus, it doesn't have weird numbers printed on the tee. Like, what's with 86, 54, 13 etc. Where did the numbers come from?! I wore my buffaloes on all four days because to maximize luggage space, I did not bring any extra pair of shoes and also did not purchase any. The shoes are pretty comfortable to walk in anyway. I can walk and run the whole day without my legs getting tired. It's like sneakers, with a 10cm height boost. 

Because my shorts are pink, I matched it with a pink handmade headband (this will be on sale on my webstore in a couple more days). Brought a black printed tote bag with me because I did not want that many colours on me. Big enough to put my camera and other junk and also matches my shoes. 

Got to go now! Shop my outfit below: 

Top: Similar
UNIF Candy Shorts: Karmaloop
Shoes: Solestruck
Head piece and bag: Wait for it....

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