Friday, 19 July 2013

Lucifer's Your Saint

First off, I would like to apologize that all my recent photos are taken at night at my images might not be very 'clear' (?) I've no time for shoots in the day so do forgive me. Cross your fingers and hope I have time in the afternoon or whatever. Today, I'm fully clad in UNIF. My favourite brand and I felt that you guys actually need to know this *chuckles* I love One Teaspoon too but sigh, far too expensive. Okay enough. 

I'm wearing UNIF's Lucifer's Your Saint pullover, a twist from YSL's logo. When I bought this from Dollskill, I was praying that the material would not be as thick as a knitted one I bought previously (look out for the knitted sweater in my next post!) and yes, prayers have been answered. This is purrrrrfect for the humid weather in Singapore. This pullover is actually long enough to be a mini dress for me but I'm not the type of girl who likes to wear dresses so I tucked it into my UNIF Back Off Shorts. This pair of shorts was a gift from a friend and when I first received it, it was so loose I can literally put both hands in but it did shrink after a couple of washes so it fits me quite well now. My outfit was blue themed so I dug out my hellbounds. I've not been wearing this as often ever since I got my Buffaloes but they're still quite loved by me. After all, it's the most expensive pair of shoes I own. I thought that a pair of vintage shades and black envelope clutch would complete my outfit. I look like a douche wearing shades at night but hey, let's just pretend this was taken in the day, shall we? 


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