Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bangkok Trip Day 1 & 2

Hi guys! So I went to Bangkok for a sourcing trip a few days back and I've decided to blog about it. I'm gonna keep it short and go as detailed as I can remember. I didn't really take the time to snap photos nor did I remember some of the places I went but I'll definitely state the rough location of it. Tickets and hotel was booked just a few hours before flight time which was in the afternoon. By the time I got there it was already 6.30pm (Bangkok time). I was so tired I fell asleep on the cab on the way to our hotel. The driver charged us 100 baht more than the stated price on the meter. I guess 50 for pick up at the airport and another 50 for use of expressway..? 
DAY 1:  So we stayed at Centara Watergate Pavillion. It's quite new and the whole hotel looks so grand. Got a upgrade to a bedroom suite if I'm not wrong and the room was much bigger than the previous hotel I stayed in 3 months ago (Novotel @ Siam Square) plus, there was a bathtub *smirks* Below are some photos of the hotel. Like I said, I did not take a lot of pictures and most of these are not taken by me. Unless it's food. :P Photos are taken with random devices therefore explaining the different picture qualities. Canon 600D, my shitty iPhone 4s and Samsung S4. 

So after we're done unpacking and stuff, we cabbed to Siam Square (The only place in Bangkok I'm actually really familiar with) and had dinner than this really cool Thai restaurant. It was air-conditioned, good service with staff who can speak english,  affordable food prices and the most important of all, the food is really yummy! I forgot the name of the restaurant but the exterior is green and looks like a typical ancient chinese house. Like I said, I'm not good at describing. opsie. Oh and for your information, it's located just opposite Novotel @ Siam. We actually asked for 2 fried rice in a pineapple but the waiter said we should only order 1 and share it. It came out so small so I ordered another. And, I should have known that I was unable to finish it. Oh well.  Also ordered mango juice for myself and a plate of sticky rice with mango. It was bigger than I expected it would be so, yay, more mango for me. The other glass of red liquid is fruit punch by the way but I did not try it so I can't give any comments on that. Overall, it's a must to visit this restaurant if you're in Bangkok be it for lunch or dinner. After dinner, took a walk around Siam Square and bought some random stuff and also stocked up on my skorts.

DAY 2:  On the second day, I was supposed to be up by 6 so I can have breakfast at the hotel but no, I overslept. I actually don't really remember what happened in the morning. Was supposed to eat lunch somewhere but everywhere was still closed I guess. Decided to head to JJ Market for some shopping first and then nom on something halfway. The prince that went with me refuses to eat street food and since I was perspiring too, I did all the shopping I could before deciding on something to eat. Sorry for the lack of pictures. It was so warm and I got fed up because I couldn't find the shop I wanted to go neither did I manage to find the clothes that I came here for. Walked through a couple of sections and almost everyone is staring/looking at my shoes. Kinda uneasy but guess I'll have to get used to it. And oh, I nearly fell down a couple of times. It was so embarrassing and as if I'm drunk. *ha-ha-ha* I guess it was around 3 something when I couldn't take the heat anymore and cabbed to Siam Square (yes, again) and the same restaurant I went the previous day to eat. I was famished and the Tom Yum Soup they offered was of a huge serving. Also thought that I was hungry enough to order another dish, Chinese Mushroom with fried garlic or something like that. Again, I didn't managed to finish the mushrooms but I did drink a good amount of soup. Ahh it's like heaven. Bought a few bottles of milk of the Hokkaido dessert shop beside the restaurant.

Headed back to the hotel after lunch, bathed and watched some tele until around 6pm and we went back to Siam so I could go get another pair of skorts because of the them given to me was of a wrong size. Did some shopping again and I'm glad to say I did accomplish my mission to keep everything I buy below $10 for the first two days. We actually planned on having dinner at A&W because I have not eaten there before but it's already closed so we had to settle for a small dessert shop near the area. The interior was better and I really like how cute everything is especially the displays on the shelf and the seats were real comfy (or maybe it's because I'm really tired) Anyway, I wasn't feeling hungry so I ordered a chocolate, banana crepe while I watch him eat pasta. It tasted so good I would love to order another but they were closing..... Oh boy this took way longer than I expected. Sometimes I wonder why I'm so long winded. I promise if I head to Bangkok again next time, I'll snap more pictures and also take down the address and shop names if I think that the shop is worth a look. Come back in a few days for my journal of day 3 and 4 and also some tips on how to save some money and maximize purchases! 

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