Monday, 15 July 2013

We're Higher Than A Mother F*cker (High Heels Suicide Review)

Excited girl bought some stuff from High Heels Suicide so I decided to do some outfit posts. Look out for more posts to come with me wearing stuff from HHS. Here's a sneak peak! 

Sorry for poor image quality though. 
Okay so for today. Top from HHS. When I first saw this on Dollskill, I thought that this was a jersey as in those dry-fit material (I'm not exactly good at describing things oops). I found it really pricey so I decided to let it go. After 3 days, I found out that HHS had a sale online I was so excited I immediately bought it together with the skeleton cardigan. Really love the material of the items I got however, the clothes took a really long time to reach me (about 3 weeks!) so... here's a tip. If you're living outside of US and really wish to receive your items sooner. Email them up and request for a different delivery option! 

Today wasn't as humid so I wore a camo jacket over the shirt. I love the fit and cutting of this tee so oversized I didn't bother to tuck it in so I wore a simple pair of denim shorts underneath, which of course, couldn't be seen. And I finally worn out this pair of maroon wedges. Got it a few months back and didn't have the chance to wear till now.  

So in short, I'm really happy with my buys from High Heels Suicide and  some items are actually quite affordable. I might be heading over to site soon to get more stuff. Check back for more posts on how I style my other HHS soon! xoxo 

Shop my outfit: 
Higher Than A Mother Fucker tee: High Heels Suicide
Camo Jacket: Similar ones can be found here
I C U stockings: Bugis Street Linkway (Second Floor)
Maroon Wedges: Rush 

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